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The story of a family with a passion for hospitality, since 1923.

Our story begins in the Grandvaux region in 1923. Fernand Piot, industrial entrepreneur in Dijon manufactures tanks for Terrot motorcycles. He decides to buy the lake "Lac de l'Abbaye" to spend his weekends there. in 1939, he closed the factory and moved to Rivière Devant, which has become the l'Abbaye en grandvaux village today.

In 1951, the Piot family’s grandfather built Hotel de l’Abbaye overlooking the lake of the same name, which the family owned. Later, his son Alain inherited the estate and opened Hotel Lou Granva, another lakeside hotel. The family affair continues today: since the noughties, eldest son Raphaël has managed Hotel Lou Granva while younger son Francis has managed Hotel de l’Abbaye.
Over the years, these properties have changed, particularly Hotel de l’Abbaye: the restaurant has been redesigned, the rooms have doubled in size, air-conditioning has been installed, a stylish décor has been created, inspired by mountain living, and a swimming pool is soon to be built. This 27-room hotel has been recognised by Gault et Millau and Logis Hotels for its elegance and its restaurant, where Francis services his impressive cuisine.
Every day, the Piot family and their teams do their utmost to make their guests’ stay as enjoyable as possible. By constantly improving our properties and our services, we continue the incredible story of the Piot family’s dedication to the art of hospitality.


Freshly cooked cuisine and a sustainable approach

We are particularly mindful of the quality of the products and dishes we serve our customers and have chosen to serve freshly cooked food in our restaurants: this means that dishes have been entirely cooked/processed in our own kitchens, using individual raw ingredients.

This is very important to our family: we want to encourage trust and transparency as we serve our guests delicious and traditional cuisine.

At the restaurant of the Hotel de l’Abbaye, as in our other family-run properties, we believe in the importance of sustainability and protecting the environment. As such, all 3 of our properties feature a heating system which uses wood pellets from the Jura region and we use environmentally friendly, natural and organic cleaning products. Since 2020, all our plant waste has been composted on site and provides a breeding ground for our plants and decorative flowers.